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Evil Australians is a platforming, shooting arena game by gameblabla.
The game has several missions and in each mission, you are stuck in an arena where you must defeat all the remaining enemies.
To defeat the enemies, you have a rapid-fire gun that can shoot several bullets at the same time.

John, living in Australia, is an avid video game collector.
However, he learns from the news that the Australian government is soon going to ban video games.
John became furious :
he grabs his weapons and swears vengeance on the government.

However 7 years ago,
the government collected his own DNA as part of a secret project.
This secret project allowed the government to steal DNAs from all the australians.
The Government learned of John's plan and they used his DNA to build an entire clone army of himself.

John is now facing an entire army of himself,
will he make it alive and finally kill the law ?

Install instructions

On Windows, simply run the executable "violent.exe" to run the game.

On Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 64-bits), run the executable "violent_x86_64.elf"

To play the game on a N64, you can either use a flashcart or put it on a repro.

Make sure to use the CIC used for SM64 as well as 16MB of ROM space.


Windows version 8 MB
Windows 95/NT4 version 6 MB
Dreamcast version 6 MB
GCW0 version 10 MB
Atari Falcon version 7 MB
N64 port 7 MB


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